Built Like Alaska — In Troubled Times

“In Troubled Times features smart moody mid-tempo underground pop songs with an emphasis on intricate arrangements and cool vocal overlays. This band’s music sounds kinda like a cross between Americana and moody underground modern pop. Vocal melodies are the central focus and they’re always memorable and well thought out. In many ways this music reminds us of some of the great underground pop bands cruising around the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Ten nifty cuts here including “The Union Song,” “Rotten In The Film Bag” (our favorite), and “In Troubled Times.” Top pick.” – BabySue


*Pre-Order Below! Built Like Alaska is a five-piece rock band born in the sun annihilated Central Valley of California, landlocked between the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean. Residing in the small town of Oakdale, surrounded by rolling pastures, a cold river, and tiny hills, the band has developed their craft to reflect the scenery surrounding them. Bringing a rural perspective to sturdy rock songs, Built Like Alaska’s music has been said to conjure images both” warm and rich as the central valley sun” and as isolated as a “mic stand draped in cob webs and a wind chime hanging from…