Band Members:
David Mitchell – guitar, vocals
Melissa Funk – drums
Billy Carter – bass


Via Matthew Johnson, Birdman Records / Harte Recordings -ahhh…the slow trucks. A 3-Piece California band, now residing in San Francisco. They embody that classic feel and lineup like those great indie rock bands of the 90’s. Husker Du, (early) Built To Spill, Yo La Tengo. Founding member and frontman/songwriter David Mitchell is one of those singer/guitar players who holds it down and is comfortable in front of a crowd. The more interactive, the better for this band. They thrive on the energy and enthusiasm of the fans. The songs are catchy, melodic and simple. Yes, simple songs that you find yourself singing later…what else could one want? The songs have a great 90’s indie thing going on, while also creating a sound all their own. It’s like…you can tell there’s chocolate in the cake, but you don’t know what kind or how much. That’s the beauty of the Slow Trucks.



Bummer Bee


“BUMMER BEE” 7″ vinyl single, featuring tracks “BUMMER BEE”, “CURSE OF THE PEACOCK MANSION”, and “UNDERCOVER LOVERS” with the bonus track “MYSTERY” being offered in the digital purchase.