Band Members:
M. Ward

M. WARD is a guitarist/singer who has been recording with his band RODRIGUEZ for the past 6 years. Their first album “Swing like a metronome” (Devil in the woods) was recorded by Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. Ward is currently living in Portland, Oregon by way of Seattle, Chicago ad Ventura County, California. “Duet for guitars #2″ is his first solo full-length release. He placed a rough mix tape in the hands of Mr Howe Gelb (Giant Sand, OP8) at a Seattle show during a ’99 tour.Howe Gelb writes :”Not since Grandaddy have i been so charmed by an unknown collection of tunes and their display”. He decided to release it on his own little label, Ow Om Recordings.”End of amnesia” is the title of the brand new M WARD album. Matt comes back with a great collection of acoustic country-folk songs, always rooted deeply in the american folk guitar tradition (John Fahey), but with a slightly Lynchian feel to it… There’s a strange fiftiesish atmosphere and a dreamy, nostalgic mood in this album which make it very special, more reminiscent of timeless classics (Nina Simone, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan) than of any contemporaneous songwriters.

“End of Amnesia” was a group project performed along with various friends of M. Ward: Adam Selzer (Norfolk + Western), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Mike Coykendall (Old Joe Clarks), Jordan Hudson (Operacycle), Deeana Varagona (Lambchop) and Bruce Winter.”

Website: www.mwardmusic.com


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