With a slight ya’llternative twang and subtle moo-wave flare, Joaquina brings out the definitive raw end of rock-n-roll that was left out years ago. Indulging its listeners with the anecdotes of small town living, Joaquina is able to rekindle those “when we were kids” feelings. Bringing music from the heart, showing they have “been there and done that”.

The music is perfectly well balanced, not only inducing happy and joyous feelings but also exposing those painful feelings of our childhood we all wish we could forget. These are not ficticious songs about love, but real heartfelt songs of triumph and tragedy of growing up in “the streets” of America today. I°m not talking about the streets of South Central Los Angeles or the streets of Brooklyn, New York; I’m talking about the raw end streets of the San Joaquin Valley, California.

Lyrically driven, bass backed, drum grounded, and guitar filled, Joaquina’s new album, THE FOAM AND THE MESH, is now available through Future Farmer Recordings.


El Camino