With lyrics that strike your humbling cords, and a beat that refuses to let you stagnate, Jackpot’s latest treat smacks you back to the good ol’ days like your first kiss. Even though the band’s secret is its simplicity and tight progressions that can only come from years of camaraderie, invariably you are transported back to some place and time you’d rather be, or often places and times you’ve never been….

‘Weightless’ is riding with the windows down, parking under the stars and climbing into the back seat of your parent’s car.

With guitar licks as smooth as honey and lyrics as hooky as Marlboro Reds, Jackpot establishes themselves as pure Rock-n Roll.

The four-member band’s potential streches beyond their modest up-bringing, filling rooms and souls with tunes that could and probably should go on forever. Rusty Miller, guitar and vocals, is best known for his unforgetable riffs on CAKE’s “Never There”. Childhood friend Sheldon Coony handles the chores on bass, Mike Curry keeps the beat on drums, and Lee Bob adds the finishing touches on the keys. Placerville’s native sons have a little bit of everyone in every song.

Climb back and listen.

Now out on Future Farmer Recordings is Jackpot’s 2nd full-fledged recording, Weightless. A grand follow-up to thier debut Bone-Ville, recorded on 2 track and 4 track next to pissed loggers and drunk preachers at their cabin home in the woods. In contrast to this, Weightless was, “…recorded on a computer.”