It’s been a struggle. Youth disintegrates, maturity comes (hopefully) and with it some sense of vision and place. But it’s never easy. Or simple.

This was supposed to be for stars major label debut after 3 previous releases, all garnering the requisite great press and hitting a number of “album of the year” lists. What started as a big poppy record soon became decidedly dark. Then darker still. The members of for stars watched, helping as best they could, adding their parts but the record was creating itself, as any real piece of art surely does. The band simply let go of the reigns.

The result of this letting go is a dizzying, psychedelic journey about a specific time when for stars seemed to be lost. The record is a glimpse of beautiful music collapsing into chaos. (Did I say collapsing? Make that coalescing into chaos.)

“…it fall apart” starts simply enough but begins to wobble and oscillate; getting weirder and woolier as the minutes pass. The emotional equivalent in cinema might be a Mike Leigh film. (2002’s “All Or Nothing” comes to mind. But I digress.)

The record is about for stars not knowing where they are or which direction they are going. It was not what they set out to do but they decided to let it be. In the end we benefit, as this is a tender, enchanting record. I would dare say that this is all a listener could ask for.



In Open Plains

I Should Have Told You